It's all about your product

We create new aluminium single serve packaging and set new standards by working with you. In order to achieve optimal material specifications for your products and applications, we undertake a continuous development process of the materials used as well as alternative manufacturing and finishing processes. We improve our own manufacturing processes by means of ongoing productivity enhancements based on technical innovation. The drive to improve our processes is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We find new solutions via interdisciplinary teams and qualified external partners.

In-house tool development

Development of deep drawing dies.
In-house toolmaking.
Testing and monitoring of tools.

Maintenance and Repairs.


Vision quality control.
Vision for secific product features.
Development of production processes.


New shapes and colours give to your packaging its unique impression and thus the look of your product too.
We work with you in order to place the focus firmly on your product and ensure your success in the market.

Aluminium coffee capsule. Your tailor made solution.